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Controversy Over "Strip Joints" In Accra 1/30/2007
The explosion of naked dancing in Nite Clubs in the Accra metropolis has sparked off controversy among many Ghanaians, including legal brains. Investigations conducted indicate that selected Nite clubs in Accra use nude girls as their latest attraction for boosting their clientele. The team’s investigations in certain prominent Nite clubs revealed that whiles some of the dancers were scantily clad, others danced totally naked.

This raised concerns about indecent exposure. On Thursday, lawyer Kwame Akufo of Akuffo Addo, Prempeh & Co told an Accra based radio station that naked dancing did not constitute a breach of the law. He said night clubs were not public places, therefore activities there were exclusive to patrons and did not breach any public order provisions. Explaining further, Lawyer Akuffo stated that it would be inexplicable for any patron of a Nite club to express shock at the nudity and sexual acts that went on there since patrons had foreknowledge of what to expect. However, other lawyers have disagreed with him.

One such lawyer, Abena Manful argued that night clubs were public places and naked dancing constituted a misdeameanour. According to newsmen, as they made their way to the dancing floor of one of the Nite clubs, they were greeted by a bevy of beauties in jaw-dropping mini skirts and blouses, boogying the night away. They witnessed a stripper, an elegant beauty with slender legs, stepping onto the dancing floor with a small see through scarf covering her waist. She had on only a bra which looked too small to be hers. “She started gyrating her hips and swaying to the heavy francophone tune from the loudspeakers.

In no time, the skimpy waist-covering drops to the floor to several oohs! and aahs! and with no pants on, she was hopping onto the laps of her enchanted spectators.. After seemingly tiring of hopping onto laps and tables of patrons who were throwing cash all around in appreciation, she stepped up her act by asking for an empty mini beer bottle. “In keeping with the rhythms blaring from the speakers, she gently eased herself onto the bottle and started thrusting away, much to the admiration of her bewitched male audience. More cedi notes were thrown around in appreciation of her antics.”

At another night club in the Kwame Nkrumah Circle area, two girls danced away absolutely naked in close contact with the rich-looking guys in the club, bending down, twisting and turning, as cedi notes were stuck in-between their legs.

The girls double as call girls.

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