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Marley Birthday at “Akuma Village” 1/29/2007
THE birthday of the reggae legend Bob Marley as usual is attracting attention and excitement. There is going to be a focus this celebration with air play of his music by radio stations and other activities on February 3, 2007.

Akuma Village, a musical joint, an acropolis of roots reggae music is the venue where Bob Marley birthday anniversary bash is being organised by Daddy Bosco of Adom FM Culture B, Black Santino of Vibe FM and Black Masta of Happy FA.

The organisers obviously to honour the legend perpetually see the occasion February 3 as not far away from the 5Oth anniversary jubilee of Ghana’s Independence and therefore unique.

This partly is seen as an effort rekindling the flame of honour and litter being given to meritorious works of Bob Marley when Malika Lee Whitney, a female author of Bob Marley re-issued pictorial biography of Bob Marley as reggae king in February 1, 1998 in Harlem, America.

To buttress this honour as fitting and proper, the Harlem event which originated the Black History Month of February honoured Marley and presented him as part of African history month observance.

In Ghana and elsewhere in the world, it is argued that no reggae artist to date has been able to reach his status on record sales and creative original music presentation.

It is also on record that Emperor Haile Sellassie of Ethiopia and Marcus Garvey and Rev. Dr Martin Luther King Jr were his inspiration and like his fore runners, also wished to see his people achieve their way out of oppression.

Bob Marley is even remembered not only for his music but generosity as he assisted blacks on the front line of freedom in southern Africa in the reality of his songs.

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Kofi Salanga... you gotta be very positive. Your comments are irrelevant because they in no way relate to Bob Marley''s birthday.

Posted By Kyekyekule - 28-Jan-2007

The headling sound like declaring WAR,but that''s not what I meant,all that I want to say is,enough of this singing PROTEST SONGS,those ARABS who invaded AFRICA first to change our CULTURE and RELIGION and some of our rich LANDS, have not done and won''t do anything for us as BLACK PEOPLE,the same goes to the EUROPEANS who colonised us(between 100-400years) took some of us into SLAVERY took away endless amount of our resources to EUROPE and the USA to develop their countries,today MARCUS GARVEY,W.E.B DU-BOIS ,BOB MARLEY,KWAME NKRUMAH are no more,even NELSON MANDELA would soon be no more,what are we,the current generation doing?I don''t want to say those people mentioned earlier are irrelevant in our lives today,I want us to understand that we want ADVANCEMENT/DEVELOPMENTLEADERS to take us out of POVERTY,DESEASE,HUNGER etc. We don''t want LEADERS to take us through any liberation struggles any more.

Posted By Kofi Salanga - 28-Jan-2007

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