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Sex Is The Core Of Our Existence - CEO 1/25/2007
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OM Studios, Abraham Ohene Gyan, has stated that music video directors and producers only depict in their clips, the content or message in a song. He said they do not just put out material on screen just because it is sexy. According to the CEO, what viewers see on their screens is a depiction of what goes on in society.

“That’s what the girls wear in the clubs and it is the dances they do,” he added.

He made the point during an interview with an Accra-based radio station. Abraham said film makers do not control transmission on television; they only do the music video. “If an artist takes a material to a TV station and the station sees it fit to play a video which has adult visuals at 7am, then the TV station needs to be looked at,” he opined. Sexually implicit materials are thought to be on the ascendancy in the Ghanaian media lately with the advent of airwave liberalization.

The CEO dropped the bombshell when he said the reason people say sex sells is because it is the core of our existence. When the host, in apparent disagreement with the point, asked, “Is it?” Abraham replied with a big yes, asking the host how he was born. “If any civilization or society is going to survive, it’s going to need to breed. Every life form on the planet is striving to survive and the core of survival is breeding. If you don’t breed you die,” Abraham explained.

Ohene Gyan said he sees ladies who wear skimpy clothes as brave women who assert themselves, and in the process, inspire others to break free from the societal entanglements of what is acceptable. He expounded: “If you want to say things about freedom for women, a lot of these girls have been very brave in coming on screen and trying to break the boundaries; pushing the boundaries so other women can get away with a little bit more.”

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