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Dutch News
CDA, PvdA: always investigate sex crimes 1/24/2007
24 January 2007

AMSTERDAM – We must have new guidelines for dealing with sex cases, the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) and the PvdA (Labour Party) have said in response to the murder Tweede Exloërmond schoolgirl Suzanne Wisman, 12.

PvdA MP Aleid Wolfsen said in the TV programme Netwerk that there must always be an investigation if there is a question of a sex crime.

This should also be done if the offence has only been reported and no charges have been pressed. That is also what is currently done in cases of domestic violence.

Wolfsen wants to know why no steps were ever taken with the reports concerning Henk van D. Not only had the police received reports of violence, but there was also a report of indecent assault. He finds it incomprehensible that Van D. was never questioned about these incidents.

The report of indecent assault was alleged to have been made in 2006 by a friend of his 19-year old daughter, Nicole. Van D. is said to have indecently touched the girl in his van.

Van D. had previously been sentenced to community service for 20 hours and a suspended prison sentence of one week for the abuse of his ex-wife.

He also received a community punishment order of 50 hours for the abuse of a 13-year old boy. According to Wolfsen, the punishment was so light because the judge knew nothing of the Van D''s previous history.

The ex-wife of the defendant and his daughter said that they made at least 10 reports to the police of threats and abuse but that the police ignored their reports.

The Ministry of Justice denies that. According to the Public Prosecutor''s office, they know of only one report done by either the ex-wife or the daughter.

"Over the years, we have made many, many reports, but the police always waved us away," said the ex-wife in an interview. According to mother and daughter, Henk was crazy about "girls in mini-skirts".

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