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Big Bang From Odikro 1/23/2007
Make no mistake; this isn’t the Busta Rhymes ‘Big Bang’ but a bigger bang from new sensation, Odikro Petit. The shape and trend of hiplife has taken a new dimension over the years. Hiplifers are now doing more singing and less rap and that is the new form, like it or hate it.

The likes of Obrafour, Obour, Castro, Scooby Selah, Bright and 2 Toff are doing singing with rapping and they’re doing it well, and out comes a new gem that does it even better.

Odikro Petit’s ability to blend smooth singing and rap is phenomenal.

Born Ibrahim Sadiq, Odikro took inspiration from Tupac and Lucky Dube and has been holding it down ‘underground’ for six years and it is only appropriate that the world realizes his enormous talent now.

With his face appearing on all television channels doing interviews and performing, his appealing music videos, ‘Atiaa’ and ‘Sophia’ are receiving maximum airtime on the channels.

Produced by George Evans Opoku’s Target Records (targetphotos@yahoo.com), Odikro comes out with his 12 track debut album titled, ‘Sophia’.

The album consist of melodic tunes with enchanting beats from the nation’s acclaimed record engineers and features the lost but found Osaman Kwaku and hiphop purveyors, Queens Block.

Although new on mainstream hiplife, Odikro has performed across Africa including the previous Black Awareness Celebrations in Cape Town, South Africa.

‘Sophia’, the more danceable tune is receiving airplay and has gained rave reviews from music critics. Odikro exhibits his singing prowess on the track, ‘Atiaa’, where he expresses his feelings for a loved one. You can not help but fall in love with Odikro as he sings other soul-satisfying songs like ‘Damabi’, ‘Amangoase’, ‘Wakyere me’ and more.

The much-sought-after album is being distributed by Akwasi Amoako at Katamanto, Accra and Pat Thomas in Kumasi.

Source: Ghana Music.com

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