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Kwesi Botchwey To `Sneak` Out… 1/16/2007
After Poaching 3 Top NDC Guns
Information reaching Ghanaian Observer (GO) indicates that Dr. Kwesi Botchwey, the highest ranking-official of the National Democratic Congress is to dump Jerry John Rawlings, after the exit of smooth-talking Rawlings` former `Prime Minister` Paul Victor Obeng, will be `sneaking` out of town back to his USA base in the next few days.

This is after he has dealt a deadly blow to the NDC machine from which he has reportedly snatched “three big fishes in a smart ''hit and run` political game.` The three, (names withheldfor now), and all from the three Northern regions, met Kwesi Botchwey, according to our sources, deep at midnight at an Airport residential area `bunker` generally to discuss politics and particularly `how the Nkrumaists could be effectively brought on board to help ignite the political landscape faster`.

The session also dilated on the way forward in appealing to the hearts and minds of the electorate, most of whom the conveners believe `yearn for a middle ground on the nation`s political turf.` One of the would-be defectors is an MP, and the other two former top NDC functionaries. GO also gathered that in order for the three unnamed top guns not to be hounded by Rawlings and the hawks in the NDC or branded as NPP agents, the `three musketeers` will work quietly from within the NDC, without going public about their defection intentions till July 2007, when one by one and in strategic fashion, they would publicly announce their defection from Rawlings'' NDC to the Democratic Freedom Party.

Between now and July, however, they are expected to act as intelligence liaisons to the DFP, `particularly, in breaking into NDC party strategies for the 2008 elections, to enable the DFP develop counter-strategies that would not only contain the NDC but help effectively and fairly fight other parties in the upcoming 2008 elections.`

The `evil propaganda surrounding the death of Ya-Na, and the worsening plight of the people in the three Northern Regions because of hampered development` was also discussed by the four top politicians and their agents, including one Northern Region native, who is a chief of one of the Northern region tribal groupings in Nima, a suburb of Accra.

A pro-development counter-strategy, initiated by the DFP, was to be put together with an input from the three, and the document expected to culminate in a press conference in the next three months by an amalgamation of all concerned youth in the three regions denouncing the anti-government propaganda regarding the death of the late king.

Beyond that it was also expected to culminate in a call on all traditional rulers in the three regions together with government to put the past behind them, and work together in unity in the effort at rapidly enhancing the developmental processes in the three regions. A co-ordinating body, to which the would-be defectors were expected to send [coded] memos, would also draft `a more civilised blue-print for civil action` for the use of DFP activists and like-minded political entities `rather than the Wahala marches which have become obsolete and a waste of precious man-hours for a nation still struggling to match colleague nations with which it became independent around the same time.`

When GO called Nikoi Addison, the Greater Accra Regional Coordinator for DFP to comment on the poaching of top NDC guns or any meetings Kwesi Botchwey must have held with select individuals and groups, he declined commenting, adding bluntly that any such meetings were confidential.

The G. Observer

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